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Boxers Lovers "Meet Cooper"
13 Nov 2021
Boxers Lovers "Meet Cooper"
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Make America Great Again. AGAIN!!! "George Jacobs"


Trump Make America Great Again. By "George Jacobs" AGAIN

Make America Great Again.

Since all my music is FREE. Please be so Kind as to Subscribe, Hit the Bell, and leave a comment.
Plus Share this to all your social media platforms, that is free for you to do, so maybe I can some day make a few bucks from YouTube. Much appreciate the support. God Bless you All.

I write my music for the love of the art. I don't charge for my music. Plus If you visit my website all the music downloads are FREE. Donations only. BUT NOT NECESSARY.

Listen on Spotify also: This all helps our Ministry. Add It to your playlist. Thx God Bless you.
Mix and Master Engineer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Performer. Signed to a music Supervisor. Most of the music, your viewing here is on TV, I have over 37 songs on TV Right Now. Sky's The Limit was played on Telemundo TV series for a year.

All My Music is dedicated to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The only living and True God. If you do some research into the the Manuel of life the "Bible" You will find every Prophesy to date has come to pass, only God almighty can predict this. Everyone has a whole in there inner being, a whole that cannot be filled with drugs, Alcohol, sex, greed, fame. Ever noticed how very rich people take there own life's? Once they get all they can get, then what? Still the empty whole. I am not here to Preach to you what you already heard. I once was lost and had all the above things, it did not fulfill my life. So the Lord Jesus Christ thru his mercy stripped it all away for my Good. After 35 years of being a compulsive gambler, the Lord healed me from that addition, I was then born again, all things past where now forgiven, once I accepted Christ and REPENTED for my sins. I almost destroyed myself and my family. So if you think there is no GOD, think again? Just because you don't believe does not void the fact that he does exist. I am a walking MIRACLE. I could have died many times Prior to being saved, all the above sins. The weird thing about this is that we are born into sin. Check your Bible. The only way to the father is thru the son. If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart That Jesus Christ was crucified and say the below simply Prayer. Do you want to gamble where you will spend eternity? Not me. This message is for those who wanna hear the truth. So here you go for those who wanna see Heaven. Romans 10:9-10..

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, tho shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. If you Prayed that simply Prayer and believe it, you are saved, now find a church that preaches the true word of God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Your gonna have to make some life changes for the better. God Bless you if you Prayed this Prayer then let me know.

Or you can donate to starving artist, it takes literlly months to write, Produce, Mix and Master, and put a video together for each song. I do it for the love of the music. The cost behind all the gear and software and commuters is great.

If you wish to just donate feel free to Venmo: @George-Jacobs-3

Press Release.
George Jacobs

Guitarist, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Performer

With a musical style similar to Carlos Santana, George Jacobs has been a musical force ever since the release of his 1975 Gold-record album with the group called Chango, and for the past 3 decades, this world-renowned guitarist and songwriter has performed, produced, and written songs for major acts in rock, metal, blues and jazz as well as fusion and Latin American music.

The virtuoso session guitarist has recorded with such names as The Brecker Brothers and the Saturday Night Live band, and he has toured with Journey, Styx, Tina Turner, Robin Trower, Chick Corea, Bob Seger, Fania All Stars, and many other music legends. And now with his group Second Chance, he's more dazzling than ever, rejuvenated with a real second chance after recovering from a life-threatening illness.

George's first album to bring attention to his guitar mastery was Chango, as part of the group of the same name, which signed to ABC Records in the 70’s. The album went gold, selling more than 500 thousand copies. George’s second record was on Mercury records. He also produced, co-wrote and played guitar with a group called Apache, signed to Atlantic records. All the records reached the Billboard charts.

I do accept donations for our Video's and Music, some of the video's and music I create take months. I do it for the love of the art, but can also use the help of donations to keep recording and creating Video's, Thanks for your support weather donating or just listening and watching our video's. Venmo: @George-Jacobs-3

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Boxers Lovers "Meet Cooper"
13 Nov 2021
Boxers Lovers "Meet Cooper"
GeorgeJacobs · 1,673 Views